Stuart Mourton

Photo: Stu

Me and my Work: I investigate how we learn skills and what affects the decisions we make during sport

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Martin Lindley

Photo: Martin

Me and my Work: I investigate the impact of diet (ie fish oil) and exercise (ie swimming) on the lung (ie asthma) and somones ability to exercise.

Status: I hate to be right all the time :-)

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Mark Burnley

Photo: Mark

Me and my Work: I study the way in which the body provides energy to power the muscles from the uptake of oxygen, and how the body fatigues when you work hard.

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Jenni Tilley

Photo: Jenni

Me and my Work: Investigating the material properties of tendon to help us better understand tendon disease and damage

Status: I answered loads of your questions yesterday but all my answers have disappeared :(

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Helen O'Connor

Photo: Helen

Me and my Work: Sport and exercise psychologists often do a combination of scientific work (like research and writing) and practical work (using psychology to help people improve their sport performance or be healthier)

Status: I won! I cant believe it. thanks so much to everyone who voted

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